How To: Pull a 313 kiteboarding

Learn how to do a 313 with Flysurfer teamrider Mathias Wichmann. Kite surfing or kiteboarding is a hybrid sport combining kite sailing and wakeboarding in open water. It's a high endurance sport that uses your whole core to keep you flying high on the surf.

How To: Do a misty flip revert with your kiteboard

Planning on going kiteboarding this weekend? Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to perform the impressive looking misty flip revert on your kiteboard. To execute this trick, you'll first want to pop a back side forward and grab your front hand heelside. Then rotate the kiteboard 180 degrees while flipping it. Lastly, just switch your feet and land in the other direction. Do a misty flip revert with your kiteboard.

How To: Do a Hasselhoff trick while kiteboarding

In this clip, Mathias Wichmann shows you exactly how to do a Hasselhoff on your kiteboard. This trick is pretty intense and definitely not for beginners but if you have been kiteboarding for a while and are searching for a new trick - check it out! This is super cool and will gain you a ton of props and applause from anyone watching.

How To: Perform a body varial 7 kiteboarding trick

Are you a kiteboarding enthusiast? Check out this tutorial and learn how to do the impressive looking body varial 7 on the kiteboard. First, pop and initiate a double forward. Then remove the board with your back hand and rotate over the top of it. Next, flip the board around, grabbing the handle and place the board back on your feet. Then complete your second rotation while redirecting your kite. Lastly, land clean! Perform a body varial 7 kiteboarding trick.

How To: Build a kiteboard

Build a kiteboard in multiple steps. This is a construction video that uses boat and epoxy techniques to perfect the product. BE SURE TO CLICK ON EVERY CHAPTER TO SEE EVERY STEP OF THIS PROCESS!

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